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“Franco Nuschese’s Cafe Milano has long been a gathering place for Washington’s glamorous set... Strengths of the restaurant are its flexible menu and a staff that serves a casual diner who orders pizza, a salad, or a plate of pasta with the same respect as one who orders a full meal.” - The Washingtonian

A swirl of young and old, Georgetown and Capitol Hill, Europe and Washington, and the closest thing you'll get to a celebrity palace in Washington is found at this restaurant that is as much theater as food. – The New York Times

The politics of dining out: Where the movers and shakers go... Cafe Milano for the food, but also because everything's always in motion; its easygoing and you don't have to be dressed up.  - The Washington Times

For those who dream of escaping to Milano, Italy, to be swept away by the latest fashion trends and the most succulent of dishes, but haven't the opportunity, this is the place to be. - Gourmet, the magazine of good living

Cafe Milano has become what the late great Jockey Club used to be: Washington's scene restaurant...Many of the Jockey Club regulars, in fact, migrated to Cafe Milano. Washington's social lionesses nibble next to high-tech moguls. Diplomats bring high-level visiting officials. Word of mouth has made it a must for hip tourists from far-flung ports of call...Which, of course, is really the point of a place like this. To see - and be seen... - Roxanne Roberts, The Reliable Source